Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all your questions about how A to B drivers work here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have not been sufficiently informed.

You book via the "online reservation" button and you enter the necessary information for the desired service. For more information, please visit 0494/3956 88. From now on you can also download and install our app.

Regular customers book quickly by phone on 0494/39 56 88, but the app can even faster.

After your reservation you will receive a confirmation with information about your driver. He will report at the agreed time at the place you have designated. You then drive to the destination, where your driver remains at your service until the agreed time. Afterwards the driver takes you back to your starting point, where you are kindly thanked for the assignment. You sign for receipt of the service and you will receive the invoice the next day.

You can only pay by transfer after receipt of the invoice, which is 100% tax deductible for companies.

We advise you to inform your insurer that a private driver will drive your car. For more information you can visit our terms and conditions.

A to B Drivers is always looking for the most advantageous rate for the customer. We choose a driver who does not have to travel far to the point where your journey begins. There is even a chance that the driver can still go home between the outward and return journeys. You do not pay those hours. For example: you have a meeting from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The driver will pick you up around 10 am and take you to the meeting. The driver then goes home with your car. Finally the driver leaves for you again at 7:00 pm and takes you back home. For this, only 3 hours will be charged instead of 9 hours.

All drivers are experienced drivers and have been driving without an accident for at least the last two years. Periodically, he undergoes strict tests to assess their skills and driving technique and to keep them sharp. You can expect nothing less from them than discretion, respect and kindness, in addition to a sensible and safe ride. The driver receives a good briefing of the type of car you are driving with. You then evaluate the services of the driver via a feedback form.

In addition to the driver, do you also like to have a minibus, passenger car or luxury car available via A to B Drivers? Then we look for the best solution for you.

The message is to be there as quickly as possible. That way we can deploy the most suitable driver for you at a competitive rate. We also look for a suitable solution for you, even if you book late. The motto is: the earlier you book, the better we can help you.

Do you want a driver to register with you at a fixed time for a specific journey? Which can. A periodic schedule with different journeys is also possible. A regular driver for a longer period of time also lowers the hourly rate to 16.50 euros per hour. (excl. VAT)

Foreign journeys are no problem. A to B Drivers has experience with journeys to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Spain.

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