New customers can already rely on a driver for 22 euros per hour (excl. VAT).
If you wish to rely on A to B Drivers on a regular basis, you can buy our coins. Depending on the decrease, the price can fall to 18.95 euros per hour.

all prices are excl. VAT

The minimum charged time is 3 hours for the journey from departure at the customer to the end of the assignment.

Wij hanteren een verplaatsingskost van 0.25 eurocent per kilometer om de chauffeur op locatie te brengen.

For all hours that are performed after reaching 9 hours are considered overtime on which a supplement of 20% is charged.


You want a ride to the airport and your car must then be returned to your home. You leave for the airport at 11 am and the driver returns your car to your driveway at 2 pm. This comes to 66 euros excl. VAT and travel costs of the driver.

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